Vivian is currently working on the rewrite of her debut novel, FINDING SAM:

How long does it take to fall in love? For Emily Sweet it took exactly three weeks and she knew. The problem was that Sam was a dream, in the realest sense of the word. Sam was only hers in her dreams; and he came to her night after night to continue a love affair that would take them long into life. But as Emily grows older in the real world, is she abandoning the chance to truly live?

A Novel by Vivian Croft

College freshman, Emily Sweet is smart, pretty, and has her life figured out. She’s a gifted artist, has the same boyfriend she’s had since high school, and she goes to the college of her dreams. When she’s not studying, she works at The Nook, a charming little café and book shop in the heart of historic St. Augustine.

Everything seems to be going as planned.

…until Sam comes along.

Sam is charming, self reliant, and beautiful. When he smiles, it’s the easy going kind of smile that reaches his eyes. He restores vintage homes for a living, loves to surf, and his family has roots that run deep in the Oldest City. In a word, he’s perfect. Except for one little detail: he’s not real. But that doesn’t stop Emily from falling utterly in love with him.

Emily’s dreams find her living a second life; the life that matters more than the real one she’s living.

Olivia is a native New Yorker; she’s sassy, opinionated and the undisputed authority of fashion at Ponce Hall. She’s also Emily’s best friend. Olivia is forced to make some tough choices as she watches her best friend tumble for her dream boy. And as Olivia watches Emily fall, she may be the only one who can keep her friend grounded, but she might have to betray her to do it.

FINDING SAM is a love story drenched in the rich and vibrant landscape of our Nation’s Oldest City, historic St. Augustine, Florida.

October 26, 2013

©2013 Vivian Croft

©2013 Vivian Croft

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