Hi there.

Welcome to my blog. To keep it simple, I’ll bring you up to snuff on my writing life:

I’ve written my first full length novel, FINDING SAM and as of this post, I’m knee-deep in the dreaded rewrite. My tentative release date is October 26th, 2013 (the fact that I’ve written this date for all the world to see scares the hell out of me).

I should warn you. It’s a love story. Not a slobbering, whining, pointless kissing and crying kind of love story, but a timeless, “oh-my-god please make them get together, stay together and have a happily ever after” kind of love story.

My husband is likely my biggest fan thus far, and though an avid reader, he is NOT a love story kind of guy. We’ve been married for more than 20 years, and he is the type who loves movies with big explosions and lots of suspense. He’s read everything Lee Child has written, and he isn’t one that one would describe as mushy. In fact, he’s a little over six feet tall, pretty fit, races cars in his spare time and has even been called intimidating once or twice (which was particularly handy when our girls were teens and the boys came around).

FINDING SAM really is a love story that was dying to be told; loaded with endearing characters and a backdrop that is rich with its own history. I’ll blog about the places and inspirations here, along with my journeys and if I need a break from the usual, I might even share some personal memoir pieces.

So grab yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and enjoy!